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Hallowe'en is coming, and after it, Christmas. For me, Hallowe'en marks the beginning of the holidays. Sadly I shan't be able to attend the party I usually do. Gladly I shall be in New Jersey.

The reason for that is my Boston speaking engagement fell through, but the tickets are paid for, so I shall move the trip to [personal profile] ladymondegreen's neighborhood.

It also means work is going to get crazy. Thanksgiving is the start of serious shopping at Sur la Table, and seasonal hires come on board in October, so they have some idea of where things are come the holidays. This year will be moreso than most.

I've been with the company for a year. That, so I understand, is a fair chunk of time for retail. I don't know. I do know that I am more senior than all but two of the sales staff (and I am not sure by how much) and more senior than all but one of the managing staff.

The new manager is swell fellow, but I think he's only worked for the company about six weeks. One ass't manager is experienced. The other is retail experienced, in cupcakes. The other, seems to have been hired in off the street to the position. She's nice, and I think she will do well, but neither of them is really clear on cookware.

Today was a zoo. We got the typical pattern for our store... slow.. Zooom!. We did about $10,000 in the eight hours we were open. About half of which was in two hours of total sales. Those were some busy hours, esp. as one of them was after the density of employees was down, and I was the only person on the floor who knew where anything was.

I suspect I am going to be doing a lot of training in the next couple of weeks.

I suspect it will, in a lot of ways, remind me of some of the better parts of being in the army.
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I will be teaching another Knife Skills class (Sur la Table, in Palo Alto, Calif.) on Tues, 12 January, at 6:30 p.m.

At present there are only eight people enrolled. Class cost is $59 US (you can enroll online).

It's a basic skills course. How to select, and maintain, a knife. How to hold, and handle a knife. How to do basic cutting (slice, dice, chop, mince, chiffonade), and some of the less intuitive tricks for certain vegetables.

Knives will be provided. The chance to try diffrent makes and styles will be afforded. From things chopped up in the class, bruschetta will be made.

The class lasts about 1 1/2 hours (if more questions are asked, it might go as long as two), and you get a discount of 15 percent (on the day of the class) and one for 10 percent (for the following week) on anything which isn't powered by electricty.


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