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I now have, after a fashion, pretty much all my worldly goods again. Marna and I went to LA and collected them from "the bunker" at Maia's folks' place. She also was kind enough to load all the stuff which was in the outbuilding which used to be our room.

Now I have to go through it and see what I still want. I've not seen some of it for about a decade.

Classes have started again. I have a really rough schedule. It's very left-skewed. Mondays I have 40 minutes of open time, from 0800, to 1700. On Weds I get done at 1400, and Fri. I have a single class, for an hour, at 0800.

The motorcycle continues to amuse. I've put 70 miles on it in the past two days. I've bought some new gear: gloves, helmet and jacket. The helmet is to make sure the old one wasn't degraded in the scooter crash. I also bought a tinted visor for it. The tint is a light (about 5%) grey, just enough to take the edge off the sunlight.

The jacket is a synthetic, with removable liner, good venting, armor and padding. It's got pretty good options for adjustments. I had to open the vents to avoid overheating today. It's also rated as raingear. The gloves are problematic. They aren't as close fitting as I'd like, and I don't really feel I have as secure a grip on the throttle. On the upside, I've gotten much better at engaging first gear, and maintaining speed (it helps that I've a much better idea of the desirable RPMs).

I suspect I shall look for better gloves, and relegate these to winter.

I still need riding pants, and (perhaps) motorcycle specific boots. The planned road trip to Ottawa this summer (by way of Tennessee and New York; perhaps a stop in Boston) is looking a lot less crazy. Marine Bio will help, as I have to make four trips to Santa Cruz and one to Monterey.

It's been, all in all, a good week.


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