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It occurs to me, as I have been getting more traffic lately, that few people go to the info/splash page to see who, or what, I am.

Which means they don't know the rules.

So, for the hell of it, I'll post them, in brief.

1: This is Liberty Hall, where you can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.

Which is to say I have, for purposes of debate, no sacred cows. It has happened, in the past, that some see my picture, or read that I'm in the Army, and assume things about my worldview. The same happens when they read a single piece of my writing. That way lies madness, for no man is all of a piece.

2: If you want to hang out and enjoy my railleries, listen to the side-chatter and say nothing, feel free. You don't need to ask to friend me.

3: Be polite to my guests.

This is my place. I let others in because 1: I like them (if they are on my f-list, it's because something about them struck me as worthy of some sort of regular attention), and 2:I am hospitable. Which means I am extending hospitality. They are my guests, and as such they get some protections (even when they don't really need me to save them).

4: If you want to post, you need to let me know, in some way, who you are. You don't need to make a formal introduction (and having an Lj counts... I can find a little something about you from that). If you don't have an Lj, a name at the end of a comment will suffice.

I've been bending this rule since I made it (the most egregious case of bending being someone who insulted my honor. I can get prickly about that, see above, where no man is all of a piece), but the basic rule is: You want to be anonymous to the world, I can do that. But you don't get to come in here wearing a mask, shoot up my joint and ride out in a cloud of dust. You don't even get to come in and be polite, buy a drink and pay the tab that way. I can't shoot you dead at the saloon door, but I can refuse the right to enter. You want to be a mystery man to the world. Fine. I'll strip any identifying info, and repost for you (which will even hide your IP addy) but I won't let you not say hello to me. You can let me know (a deleted comment will work fine, I get it when you send it, and then you can delete it, heck, an anonymous comment will work, because they only get seen when I unscreen them), and we'll work out a way for you to let me know it's you, and the rest of the world will be none the wiser.

Yes, you can lie to me. You can give me a false e-mail, or a fake name, but that's the way the game goes. You could do the same in a real saloon. Keep showing up, the locals will recognise you. Piss me off (or cause me to feel you've violated my hospitality to my guests) and I'll refuse to serve you.

Those are pretty much all the rules.

Sit down a spell, put your feet up, take a load off.

The first round's on me.

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