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Went to Ortho today.

Oy. Was a walk in, but the head nurse was less accommodating than the one who set me up on Weds. last. So I got the first app't in the afternoon. That was got 1345. The receptionist said the doctors are usually back early, so I should be back by 1300. I grabbed a hot dog, some chips, and a V8, wolfed the dog, swilled the juice; popped a pill, and hobbled back to the waiting area.

One would think an ortho waiting room would be set up to deal with someone in a cast. One would be wrong. So I spent the next two hours, and change, trying to find a way to sit so my cast iron sock wasn't making me crazy, blocking the aisle, or twisting my knee. All the while trying to keep my foot elevated so it didn't pain me too much.

This doctor said he'd never ordered a knee walker, moved my follow up back another week (he wanted to move it back a month, and go straight to cast removal. I said my the one who had put me in the cast wanted to switch to a removable boot for the last two weeks, and he said, ok to that).

Benedryl is fine with percoset, and I forgot to ask about a disabled placard. So I have something to go back and find out about.

Headed to prosthetics. They have to order the knee-walker, and since it needs assembly it won't be sent to me,but to them . I'll have to go and pick it up. Wait time... 3-4 weeks.

Despite the pain I was much more mobile today than yester. Also ate more (and discovered the microwave lent me by [personal profile] savorie is more potent than Marie Calendar planned for, to the crust of my pot-pie was a bit carbonised. The frozen burritos I used it on didn't reveal this to me).

Having the means to make hot food whch doesn't require standing... definite plus. Massive plus. Esp. since waiting on line is murder. Life is much better with hot food.

I am in my bed again. Took the bedclothes down, fluffed the feather bed, and put a "box fort" under the blankets (cut one panel from the side of a banker's box, so my feet are on the sheet, but the covers are not on my feet) as suggested by [personal profile] commodorified A pillow to support my knee (since the cast puts stresses on it) and we shall see how it works.

Saturday I'll be teaching knife skills (the class is sold out, and has been for a month). I'll have to figure out how I can prop my leg. I also have to hope I'm not in too much pain, because I don't know how focused I'll be if I am on a full dose of meds.


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