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One of the swell things about blogging is that one gets to see the thoughts of so many other people.

Some time ago I linked to Feminism Without Clothes (which has, apropos of nothing, done a huge rework of the site, and it looks great). It's not safe for work, because the owner is a nude model, and shares images for which she's posed.

It's a compelling blog, because, so far as one can tell, she is honest with her audience. She makes a distinction between art she makes, and art in which she participates (although I don't agree with her, completely, that the art for which she poses isn't hers. She participates, and she chooses whom she works with; esp. whom she works with again. I think the photo in this post [NSFW] is great. I'd love to have a copy of it. My reasons are in the comments [though right now in moderation] it wouldn't have been the same with anothe model). The past couple of weeks she's been talking about place.

She is, all in all, in a tough spot. She's a feminist, who gets grief from both ends. In a post about the bog-standard responses feminist blogs get, she got a guy who was textbook. She also gets greif becaus she takes her clothes off for money. She gets grief from other feminists, from anti-feminists, and from people who think she ought to shave her pubes.

Being a nude model is hard work. One is exposed, meeting a photographer is a strange thing (I've done modelling in the past), because one suspects their motives. One is vulnerable, because if something happens, the photographer isn't as likely to be blamed as you are. You, after all, chose to take your clothes off for a stranger.

People make assumptions about one's sexualtity; from the fact that one lets other people take pictures of one when less than fully dressed (one asshole commented, when she was wondering what her change of opinion/comfort with, "showing pink" meant that he "knew" the trajectory of those who moved from "art" (where the vulva is concealed) to "glamour" where it's not and expected her to be doing girl/girl shoots in three months, and a working porn films in a year).

When one is taken advantage of (say the shooter whelshes on the payment) one is given scant sympathy. Should one be assaulted, one is, guaran-damn-teed, to be a blame-worthy victim.

Today she linked to another Iona Lynn's (another artist/model) blog, in which that model details an assault.

Not every shoot goes as planned

Light is the best cure.

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